Fungal Meningitis Cases Continue to Spread

If you've been following the fungal meningitis cases, you might be surprised to learn the numbers have jumped dramatically.  The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has updated the infection count to 354 cases and 25 deaths in 19 states.

As you may recall, the fungal meningitis outbreak began in a compound pharmacy with tainted steroids.  A common injection for pain management, this steroid spread the infection rather quickly.  Thousands of these steroids were shipped out, but the CDC believes they caught it early enough to prevent massive damages across the United States.

Fungal meningitis is especially frightening because its initial onset mirrors cold symptoms.  Since it's fall, many people are feeling the body aches and pains associated with fevers and sinus pressure.  However, as 25 people found out, if you wait too late, you may die.  The danger with fungal meningitis is that it gets worse.  What starts out feeling like a cold can progress to tissue death, gangrene, organ failure, and death.  This is a very serious illness that requires immediate medical attention.

The updated numbers are the result of intense effort on the part of the CDC and the FDA to inform the general public of the extreme dangers associated with the tainted steroids. Those who caught the disease in time lived.  If you have suffered from fungal meningitis as the result of this compounding pharmacy's tainted steroids, you could be entitled to compensation.  You should consult a skilled attorney today.  We will be happy to speak to you about your rights.  We accept cases nation wide.