Fungal Meningitis Cases Grow

If you've been following the news, then you're well aware of the recent fungal meningitis outbreak. For weeks now the CDC and the FDA have been warning consumers who received steroid injections that they should get checked out.  Following the discovery that fungal meningitis began in a compounding pharmacy, this has spread to include 14,000 consumers who were potentially exposed to fungal meningitis through these tainted steroids.

The Consequences of the Outbreak

Now the patient count and the death toll has risen.  As of this morning, there are 297 confirmed cases of fungal meningitis and 23 deaths in over 16 states.  Patients who have been exposed may not even be aware of their symptoms.  The initial symptoms are much like the common cold- body aches, headache, nausea, but they could turn deadly fast.

As fungal meningitis advances, the symptoms can advance to gangrene of the limbs, heart attacks, and death.  Affected patients could lose their limbs to this noncommunicable disease.  This is why the CDC and the FDA are encouraging consumers to seek immediate medical attention if they have received steroid injections recently.  It doesn't hurt to get tested, but it can save your life.

Steroid injections are fairly common among personal injury cases.  When clients are injured in car accidents or workplace accidents, chiropractors often recommend steroid injections to mitigate the continuous pain.  Patients are now passing on the pain management that they need because they are afraid of fungal meningitis. 

Protect Yourself

As of now, the compound pharmacy's products have all been recalled for safety reasons.  And reputable hospitals, doctors, and surgeons are offering information on where their steroid injections have come from.  If you are concerned about the source of your steroid injections, call your caregiver today.

If you have been injured in this fungal meningitis outbreak, seek immediate medical attention and call a personal injury or product liability attorney today.  You may be entitled to compensation for your injuries that can help you to pay those medical bills.