The death toll in the fungal meningitis outbreak continues to rise as of today.  The death toll now stands at 11 patients with 191 now ill.  Federal regulators estimate that between May 21 and September 25, approximately 13,000 people may have received the tainted steroid methylprednisolone acetate from the New England Compounding Center (NECC). 

Following the initial outbreak, the NECC recalled every one of its products and voluntarily surrendered its license to operate.  While federal regulators continue to investigate, the death toll continues to rise. Doctors and administrators are busy contacting thousands of patients to request that they come in to test for symptoms of the non- contagious fungal meningitis. Because the incubation period lasts from 2 days to a month, patients could have fungal meningitis without being aware of it. Patients who have received these steroid injections are encouraged to contact their health care provider today for an evaluation.

What Caused the Outbreak?

To date, federal investigators have found at least one tainted vial of fungus at the NECC’s facility.  According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), compounding pharmacies such as the NECC are required to abide by the strict guidelines required of pharmaceutical manufacturers.  However, these pharmacies are allowed to run virtually unchecked because of a legal loophole.  You see, compounding pharmacies are in the business of tailoring available medications to patient needs.  Therefore, using available approved medications, the NECC was able to change medications to suit the needs of the patient.  For example, if an elderly patient could not swallow a pill, the medication could be turned into syrup to swallow.  Provided these pharmacies used products already approved, they fly relatively below the radar.  That is, until a potentially deadly outbreak occurs.  Who’s to blame?

If You Have Been Injured
If you have beeninjured in this recent outbreak of fungal meningitis, it is important that you seek IMMEDIATE medical help to preserve your life.  You may also want to contact one of our experienced attorneys to explore your legal options.