Halloween School Shooting Threatens Life of Student

Last night was Halloween night and while many people were concerned with problems like running out of candy to give to trick or treaters, one teenager was fighting for his life.  Sometime after nightfall last night, a campus club at USC held a party where two men got into an argument, and only one was left standing.  This campus shooting has placed one student's life in danger, wounding 3 more innocent bystanders.

Campus police chased the suspects down, arresting two.  It is not clear whether or not they're students at this time, but what is clear is that this altercation did not need to risk a student's life.  Halloween is a night of merriment and shouldn't lead to fighting for your life in the hospital.

When School Altercations Turn Deadly- What to Do

School shootings seem rather uncommon, but in the past decade, they have received massive media attention, making these violent events seem that much more common. 

Safety experts advocate the following if you or your child is ever in a school shooting scenario.  Depending upon the environment (classroom versus open campus) some tactics may be more appropriate than others:

  • RUN AND HIDE.  If you cannot escape the premises, run to a closed broom closet or small space where you can hide and work out a plan.
  • In an open campus environment, run off campus to safety and call the police.
  • If you are in close range of the shooter, try to throw something at them to allow you time to escape. 
  • If you do not have items to throw, try talking to the shooter to calm them and distract them while others subdue the shooter.
  • The throw and go tactic. This is an extremely controversial and last resort technique as seen on Fox News. In a closed classroom environment, when you notice a shooter, yell GUN! Everyone should throw things at the shooter's face to cause him/ her to flinch and avoid taking aim. The news channel advocates that people should rush the shooter to subdue him or her.  

If You Have Been Injured in a School Shooting

If you have been injured in a school shooting, seek immediate medical treatment for your injuries.  When you are safe, call your loved ones to let them know that you are safe, but injured.  You should also consult an attorney to determine what your legal rights and options are. A good personal injury attorney can help you to sort through the incident to determine your eligibility for compensation.