15,000 Infant Recliners Recalled Due to Infant Deaths

When you're a parent, you want the best for your child.  Your baby's care is in your hands. Often, this leads parents to buy products that claim to increase comfort and care for a child.  One such product is the Nap Nanny, which is a device parents place their children in while they nap. Essentially, it is a recliner with a safety harness to prevent the child from moving around too much and hurting themselves.

However, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is recalling the item, stating they received 92 reports of infants hanging over the side of the device and 5 deaths.  The shocking truth is this product was originally recalled in 2010 after reports of one death. But the product's manufacturer, Baby Matters, is "unable or unwilling to participate in the recall."

Retailers Amazon, Buy Buy Baby and Toys R Us are recalling the devices, which amount to an estimated 15,000 devices.  In response, the company released a statement expressing their disapproval of the recall and boasting the continued benefits of the device to thousands of infants.

What's the Danger?

Reports to the Consumer Product Safety Commission paint a picture of infants nearly wiggling fully out of the harness, falling over the side and even becoming trapped between the recliner and crib bumpers. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, multiple reports to their agency have included:

  • entrapment claims
  • suffocation hazard claims
  • fall hazard claims
  • claims of deaths
The Consumer Product Safety Commission is encouraging parents to call them today to report similar hazards.  Additionally, you may want to consult a skilled personal injury and product liability attorney to preserve your rights.  Parents may be able to obtain compensation for their child's injuries.  To determine whether or not you are eligible, please call a skilled personal injury and product liability attorney today.