Report Claims a Child Dies Every 3 Weeks from Falling TV's

A new report today says a child dies every 3 weeks from a falling television.  Since 2000, approximately 200 children have died as a result of falling televisions.   According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, approximately 43,000 people are further injured per year by falling televisions, 18,000 of which are treated for their injuries. 

These statistics are astonishing and it begs the question whether or not parents are aware of the risk associated with falling televisions.  I'm also curious whether or not these statistics have risen or fallen as flat screens become increasingly popular in homes.  

When I grew up, we had huge behemoth sets that usually sat on little legs and were the size of your stove.  As televisions evolved, bigger became better.  Televisions were placed on stands, on bureaus, entertainment centers, and they were huge.  Today, televisions are sleek and light.  I just bought a new television a month ago that was so easy to carry and install on my wall that I was astonished. 

Consumer Product Safety Advice for Parents

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, even flat screens can be deadly if they fall on children.  And only 27% of parents have seen media reports that this is a danger to their child.  To help secure your child, the agency recommends the following:

  • securing your television by anchoring it to the wall
  • if you can't anchor the television, secure it on a low base
  • remove articles from the top of the television that might cause it to topple or that might attract children who the television may topple onto
Parents should use common sense.  These products can outweigh children, and if perched precariously, could pose a significant risk to your child's health.

Protect Yourself

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, brackets are made incorrectly, mounts break, anchors are ineffective.  You've placed your trust into these devices to help keep your child safe and it didn't work.  You may want to call an experienced product liability attorney to discuss your rights.  You may be entitled to compensation for your loss or your child's injury, which may go a long way towards helping you with mounting bills.