Actos Trials Begin in Los Angeles Alleging Bladder Cancer Injuries

In Los Angeles, Asian pharmaceutical maker, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, has been on trial.  The first Actos trials have begun of over 3,000 lawsuits filed alleging the popular drug gave consumers bladder cancer. In these lawsuits, consumers are alleging Actos caused them bladder cancer injuries.  

According to court filings, Takeda Pharmaceuticals may have known about the potential for bladder cancer injury.  In court filings, Takeda Pharmaceuticals allegedly polled doctors in 2003 to determine whether they would prescribe the drug to patients with a bladder cancer warning on the box.

According to litigators, “a bladder cancer warning would destroy the sales of Takeda’s most important drug."  As the trial continues, litigators will try to prove that Takeda Pharmaceuticals knew about the potential for bladder cancer injury and still marketed a potentially dangerous drug to consumers.  As of 2011, Actos was responsible for approximately $4.5 billion in sales for Takeda Pharmaceuticals. If litigators are successful, their lawsuits alleging Actos produced bladder cancer injuries could be quite costly to the manufacturer. 

Actos Dangers for Consumer Injury

In February 2012, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a consumer warning that Actos could be responsible for as much as a 40% increase in danger for bladder cancer injury.  Consumers have made thousands of complaints to the FDA prior to this warning, alleging the following Actos injuries:

  • heart problems
  • stroke, cardiac arrest
  • bladder cancer
  • kidney failure
  • fertility impairment
The Actos trials will be focusing on one alleged consumer injury- bladder cancer.  As the trials progress, they will help to determine the ability for other injured consumers to recover for bladder cancer injuries.  If you or your loved one has suffered a bladder cancer injury after taking Actos, you should call a skilled product liability and personal injury attorney.  A skilled product liability attorney can help you to determine whether you may be able to obtain compensation for your bladder cancer injuries.