New Regulations for Tattoo Shops Seek to Prevent Injury

New state laws have come into effect in California to regulate the potentially risky industry of tattoo artistry and piercings.  In an effort to control the potential for diseases, state regulators have passed new safety guidelines for a variety of industries, including tattooing and piercing.  These guidelines propose new rules for safe handling of needles to avoid potentially injuring employees and to avoid the possibility of spreading diseases to customers.  Particularly at issue is the spread of Hepatitis B.  The legislation passed by Jerry Brown in 2012 now demands a higher standard of cleanliness and care. 

New Employment Safety Guidelines

Under the new tattoo/ piercing workplace safety guidelines, tattoo shops and piercing shops need to have medical waste personnel come pick up used needles.  This makes sense since hospitals and doctors' offices dispose of their used needles in medical waste receptacles.  Using these medical waste professionals to handle used needles can ensure that tattoo artists aren't injured on the job and don't contract diseases from customers. 

Another highlight of the new laws is that these shops need to have hand washing stations to ensure that employees don't pass diseases and viruses to their customers.  Additionally, there are new sterilization rules and mandatory health permits and safety inspections. 

Are You at Risk for these Injuries

These safety regulations are intended to prevent work injuries and injuries of customers.  This could include:

  • potentially deadly and infectious diseases such as hepatitis B, HIV
  • tetanus 
  • tuberculosis
  • allergic reaction
  • granuloma
  • tissue damage, necrosis
  • excess bleeding
  • death

If you suffer a work injury at a tattoo shop or piercing shop, you should obtain medical attention. And then you should call a skilled work injury attorney to handle your claims.  Get the compensation you deserve today.