California Dog Owner Faces Murder Charges in Mauling Death

A 29 year-old male is being charged for the death of a 63 year-old woman who was killed during a dog attack by his four pit bulls. The accident occurred on May 9, 2013, when the 63 year-old woman was out for a jog near Littlerock, California. Four pit bulls attacked the jogger and dragged her 50 yards removing much of her scalp.

The lady died en route to the hospital. The woman had died from losing too much blood and had over 100 puncture wounds on her body. After the incident, the dogs ran home. Police were able to get a warrant to search the 29 year-old’s home. Upon investigation, they found that the owner was growing marijuana and had 8 pit bulls. The police also found blood on the dog’s muzzles and tested the DNA. The tests showed the DNA of the 63 year-old victim.

Officials had received reports of the dogs being vicious and attacking other people. Officials believe that the owner had known his pets were threatening. The widowed husband of the victim believes that all responsibility lies on the dog owner and not the dogs. If convicted, the dog owner could possibly face imprisonment for life which is the maximum sentence.

Dog Bite Injuries and Attacks

It is true that California ranks number 1 in the nation for dog bite attacks. Dog bite attacks occur quite commonly and injure many innocent pedestrians. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, about 800,000 Americans suffer from a dog bite attack that requires medical attention. As a result, many victims must face medical expenses and treatment. Not to mention, the physical pain and emotional toll the terrifying attack may have. According to statistics, half of dog attack victims are children.

Personal Injury Attorney

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