DIY Beauty Treatment Explodes and Burns Customer

A woman was recently injured after using a Sally Hansen waxing product she bought over the counter. Numerous women use these at home treatments instead of going to a professional cosmetologist as they are more affordable and easy to do. Unfortunately, one woman suffered second degree burns from using the extra strength all over body wax.

The woman placed the treatment in the microwave and noticed that it began to bubble. She removed the container from the microwave and it exploded from the side of the container. The hot wax spewed and landed on the woman’s hand. The wax left a second degree burn on her thumb and minor burns on her hand.

The woman is a licensed cosmetologist and has had her experience with wax treatments. She reported never having a problem with a container before and believes that the Sally Hansen container should not be microwaveable. The wax container had a hole where it exploded.

Dangerous Products

Consumers who are using at home wax treatments should be aware of the possible dangers associated. Microwaves all have different heating capacities and may cause the wax to become too hot even when heated for the minimum time instructed. After heating a product, you should let it cool for a couple minutes before applying.

 In addition, manufacturers may be held responsible for lack of instruction and not testing their product thoroughly before releasing it onto the market. In the incident described above, the product exploded when the woman heated it at the instructed time. Manufacturers should warn consumers of potential incidents that may happen when used or used incorrectly. If injuries result from use of the product, the manufacturer may be held liable for the victim’s injuries and damages.

Personal Injury Lawsuit

If you have been injured due to use of a product, you should speak to a personal injury attorney regarding your injuries and legal options. A personal injury attorney may be able to help you earn the monetary compensation you deserve after suffering from the resulting injuries. Contact us today in order to protect your rights and well-being.