Impaired Driver Crashes into Restaurant Killing Toddler

On Sunday, May 19, 2013, a 62 year-old man smashed his SUV through a restaurant patio killing a 2 year-old and injuring three of his family members. The accident occurred at a restaurant called Ric’s Grill Sunday around 7:45 PM. The driver was driving an Accura MDX when he smashed through the patio of the restaurant where the family was eating. Unfortunately, the two year-old boy was stuck between the vehicle and the patio wall.

Witnesses at the restaurant worked to remove the SUV and helped the injured victims. A doctor happened to be at the restaurant and performed CPR on the toddler until emergency help arrived. The mother, father, one year-old and the two-year old boy were rushed to the hospital. Sadly, the two year- old boy died of his injuries later the hospital. The rest of the family is in stable condition only suffering from minor injuries.
The driver is facing multiple charges: impaired operation of a motor vehicle causing death and two counts of impaired operating causing bodily harm, and one count of refusing to provide breath samples.  

The Dangers of Drunk Driving

Tragic and heartbreaking events take place all around the world due to drunk drivers. Driving under the influence is a negligent act that is a complete disregard for public safety. Those who drive while drunk and injure others should be held liable for damages and injuries.

After a person is injured from a drunk driver they may require medical attention and treatment, resulting in expenses and bills. Not to mention, their injuries may require time off from work and result in lost wages. After suffering a severe injury caused by a drunk driver, you should speak to a personal injury accident lawyer.

DUI Personal Injury Attorney

If you or someone you know was harmed in a vehicle collision with an impaired driver, you may want to consult with a personal injury attorney immediately. A DUI personal injury attorney from the Law Offices of AndrewWright will work to earn you monetary compensation for your pain and suffering caused by the impaired driver. Contact us today.