Woman Dies after Falling Off Party Bus

On May 4, 2013, a young mother died after falling off a party bus and being run over by multiple vehicles. The accident occurred Saturday night around 9 PM on Interstate 35 in Kansas City. The 26 year-old mother fell out of a party bus and onto a highway where she was hit and killed by three vehicles.

On the party bus were 15 other friends who were celebrating a bachelorette party. Somehow, the young mother fell out of the bus through the emergency door. Out of the three cars that hit the 26 year-old, only the second car stopped. The driver of the second vehicle reported trying to dodge her, but could not do so in time. The 26 year-old just recently gave birth two months ago to a baby girl and was planning on marrying her fiancé next year and going back to school. Many are mourning the loss of the young mother.

Ultimately, investigators are still trying to determine what caused the emergency door of the party bus to open. Investigators are also searching for the two other drivers that hit the woman and continued to drive without stopping.

Party Bus Accidents

There are numerous factors that contributed to the death of the 26 year-old young mother. One significant factor was the exit door opening and causing the woman to fall out. Buses are intended to keep all passengers safe; however, many party buses have been proven to be dangerous. The combination of alcohol, overcrowding, and loud music can be difficult for any driver to handle and, thus, cause an accident. In addition, vehicle malfunction of the bus can an accident injuring many passengers and causing severe injuries for those not wearing a seat belt.

Personal Injury Lawsuit

If you or someone you know was injured on a party bus, you should speak to a personal injury attorney immediately. The bus company or driver can be held liable for damages and injuries if they are at fault for the accident. Contact a personal injury attorney today in order to earn monetary compensation for your pain and suffering after a party bus accident