Vehicle Malfunction May Be Cause of School Bus Accident

On Tuesday, June 11, 2013, a bus accident occurred after a tire blown out on a loaded school bus. The accident occurred on interstate 64 in Louisville, Kentucky. The accident took place sometime around 2:30 PM in the westbound lanes.

A witness reported that the left front tire of the bus blew and then the bus lost control. As a result, the bus struck the center median wall where it slowly came to a rest. A spokesperson also reported that the bus had a mechanical problem causing it to serve into the center median. According to an official from the district, the school bus was filled with sophomore and junior students from Waggener High School who were visiting a college campus.

There were 42 students on the bus. About thirty-five students were transported to hospitals. Many of the students were released after several hours. However, several patients had to stay at the hospital overnight for injuries involving broken bones. Luckily, there were no life-threatening injuries as a result of the crash.

Transportation Accidents and Injuries

Unfortunately, bus accidents do occur. Even with our beloved family members. After suffering debilitating injuries from a bus accident, your family may be dealing with medical expenses, hospital treatments, and medications. The financial aspect of your resulting injury can be detrimental to your family’s finances and livelihood. Thus, it is imperative to seek legal action from the party at fault.

When pursuing legal action in a bus accident, you must prove that the party at fault was negligent. There are several parties who can be held liable:
  •          The bus driver: if the bus driver was acting reckless and caused the accident, he can be held liable for you or your family member’s injuries.
  •          The bus company: If the bus caused an accident due to mechanical failure then the bus company failed to properly maintain the vehicle.

Personal Injury Attorney

Regardless of the cause, you should speak to a personal injury attorney regarding your injuries sustained in a bus accident. A personal injury attorney will work to earn you monetary compensation for your pain and suffering. Contact us today to file a personal injury lawsuit claim.