12 Injured in NYC Building Explosion

On Thursday, June 11, 2013, an explosion and fire occurred in a building in New York City’s Chinatown. The explosion took place around 12:45 PM and injured 12 people. The blast and fire caused a partial collapse of the building.

According to news reports, the blast occurred due to a natural gas explosion. One official reported that the blast may have been caused by a severed gas line within the basement of the building. Another news source reported that a portion of the building may have been under construction as well.

The building consists of five stories with commercial spaces and apartments. Apparently the explosion occurred in the back of a beauty salon that was located in the rear of the building. About three of the injured were listed as in serious condition and hospitalized. Of the injured were four firefighters with minor injuries.

Justice for Premise Liability

In cases like the one described above, injured victims can take legal action in the form of a premises liability suit. Premises liability refers to the liability for a landowner for certain injuries that occur on the property. In this case, the property owner of the beauty salon or the building owner where the explosion occurred would be responsible for the injuries of the twelve people.

By law, all landowners and property owners must maintain their property to be safe for all visitors or renters. When they fail to do this, an injured person may take legal action against the party at fault. In the story described above, there were several code violations that the building had.

Personal Injury Attorney

Every year, thousands of people are hurt on dangerous property. If you or someone you know was recently injured on another’s premises, you should consider filing a premises liability lawsuit. A personal injury attorney will assist you in doing so and work to earn you successful results and monetary compensation. Contact one of our personal injury attorneys today at the Law Offices of Bond &Taylor in order to win the treatment and benefits you deserve for your injuries.