Injured Motorcyclist is Awarded $975,000 in Lawsuit

A man was recently awarded a large settlement of $975,000 for injuries he sustained while riding his motorcycle on June 24, 2012. The accident happened when the motorcycle he was riding smashed into a vehicle that was making a left turn in front of him. The 43 year-old man had bought the motorcycle that day. He was heading down Pond Meadow Road when a 18 year-old girl driving a Honda pilot made a sudden left turn in front of the man.

The man tried to steer left to avoid hitting the girl, but it was too late and his head smashed into the woman’s vehicle. The woman turned without even checking for the man’s motorcycle. Even though the man decelerated as quickly as possible, his face smashed into the rear window of the SUV. Consequently, the man sustained severe injuries including multiple fractures, cervical spine injury, and severe head trauma. In addition, the lower part of the man’s right leg got pinned between the motorcycle and SUV.

Medical officials treating the man did not expect him to survive considering his intense head trauma. The man spent two weeks in the hospital and six weeks in rehabilitation. The man had to undergo five surgeries and must undergo future surgeries. The other driver was cited for failing to yield the right of way.

Common Motorcycle Injuries
  • ·         Broken bones and fractures
  • ·         Facial disfigurement
  • ·         Traumatic brain injury (especially if not wearing a helmet)
  • ·         Spinal cord injury
  • ·         Scrapes and bruises
  • ·         Cuts and lacerations

Risks Associated with Motorcycle Riding

Motorcycle accidents happen quite commonly as drivers of large vehicles have difficulty detecting motorcyclists. Due to their smaller frames, motorcyclists are more difficult to see causing them to become easy targets for unsuspecting drivers.

Personal Injury Attorney

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