Motorcycle Fleeing Police Leaves 2 Dead

On Monday, June 17, 2013, two people were killed after a motorcycle crash in Long Beach. The accident occurred when the motorcycle was fleeing from police. The crash was reported around 6 AM near Wardlow Road and Norwalk Boulevard.

According to authorities, the motorcyclist was speeding on the 605 freeway traveling at speeds higher than 100 miles per hour. The motorcycle exited Spring Street. The officers tried to catch up and also exited, but were unable to follow him. Later on, the officers saw a collision scene filled with smoke.

Apparently, the 23 year-old speeding away from police officers slammed into a white minivan. The driver of the minivan was a 65 year-old woman from La Palma. Unfortunately, both people died at the scene of the accident. Officials reported that the motorcycle burst into flames after crashing into the driver’s side of the white minivan.

The driver of the motorcycle is thought to be from Lakewood. The body of the motorcycle was found 20 feet from his vehicle. Investigators believe that the motorcycle rider ran a red light just moments before the crash occurred. Officials are still trying to figure out why the motorcycle rider refused to stop for police officers.

The Dangers of Speeding and Motorcycle Riding

While tremendously common, motorcycle riding can be extremely dangerous. Motorcycle riders have very little protection to guard themselves from large, moving vehicles. Besides helmets, motorcycle riders are vulnerable to numerous threats while on the road. Because they have much smaller frames as well, vehicle drivers have a difficult time seeing them and may actually hit them.

 To make matters worse, speeding motorcycle riders are even more perceptible to dangers. Traveling at a high rate of speed makes it much more challenging to stop safely. In the accident described above, the motorcycle rider was unable to stop and crashed into the minivan.

Personal Injury Attorney

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