Patients are Awarded $35 Million for Unnecessary Root Canals

On Wednesday, July 17, 2013, a judge awarded a $35 million dollar settlement to 29 patients of a retired dentist who performed thousands of unnecessary root canals. According to the judge, the dentist is guilty of numerous crimes, including:
  • ·         Committing fraud
  • ·         Acting negligently
  • ·         Failed to obtain informed consent from
  • ·         Violation of the Washington Consumer Protection Act

In total, the dentist performed approximately 2,200 root canals on nearly 500 patients in the five years prior to his retirement. The Department of Health had received 76 complaints regarding the dentist.

A dentist who purchased the practice found it extremely odd that many of the patients had four root canals performed. According to the dentist, a typical patient has fewer than two root canals in his or her lifetime. The dentist who bought the practice noticed a high number of patients suffering from failing root canals and crowns. Several patients obtained infection from root canals that were missed or not performed correctly.

Medical Malpractice Accidents

Sadly, medical malpractice cases are not uncommon. Many doctors and dentists take advantage of their patients. Many will say they need an expensive surgical procedure done in order to obtain more money from them. As patients, we expect our doctors and healthcare providers to be honest and truly care for our health. Unfortunately, many will tell us we need unnecessary work done. Often times, these unnecessary procedures may lead to worse and dangerous health conditions. When this happens, it is important to take legal action. Doing so will help compensate for the medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering endured.

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