Two Dead and 181 Injured After Asiana Airlines Crash

On July 6, 2013, an Asiana airlines flight crashed in San Francisco leaving two dead and 181 injured. The flight was Asiana Airlines Flight 214 and was carrying over 300 people. The tail of the plane tore off and the plane burst into flames. Many of the injured were taken to nearby hospitals and at least 22 people were listed as in critical condition.

The flight began in Shanghai, China and had a stop in Seoul, South Korea. On the plane were 291 passengers, one infant and 16 crew members. According to an official, there were 141 Chinese, 77 South Koreans, and 61 U.S. citizens.

When the plane was attempting to land, the tale tore off and the ceiling of the plane literally burned away. There plane was engulfed in flames and smoke. Among the injuries were burns, internal injuries, and fractures. There has been reported a surprising pattern of spine injuries. Due to the violent shaking, many injured suffered spinal cord injury. Two people were unable to move their legs and others must undergo surgery to have their spinal cords readjusted.

Cause of the Crash

The cause of the crash is still being determined. Many believe it to be pilot inexperience. According to reports, the flight was the pilot’s first time trying to land a Boeing 777 at the San Francisco airport. In addition, many investigators believe that the flight was flying significant below its target speed when approaching the landing strip. Investigators are also viewing the automated cockpit equipment in the Asiana aircraft as well to determine whether the functions were a contributing factor to the crash.

Compensation for Victims

Unfortunately, aviation accidents occur quite frequently leaving numerous people injured. When this happens, victims can seek compensation by taking legal action against the manufacturer of the defected technology or the pilots of the flight company.

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