Boy Dies at National Park Due to Retaining Wall

A family is suing a national park in Northern California for the death of their 9 year-old son. The national park knew of the retaining way that was defective, but did not close it as instructed by their safety program. A U.S. District Judge granted summary judgment to the family of the boy who is suing the federal government.

The accident took place at Lassen Volcanic National Park in 2009. The 9 year-old boy was hiking with his 13 year-old sister. They sat down on a retaining wall to take photographs. The wall crumbed and a large boulder crushed the boy. Other boulders injured the sister as well. The boulder that crushed the young boy weighed at 400 pounds. The boy’s siblings and parents saw the whole incident. The family is seeking $9 million. They filed the lawsuit last year.

The judge believed that the park officials were worried about the walls and their associated dangers prior to the accident. As a result, the judge found the national park service to be negligent in the case.

Dangerous Property and Premises Liability

All property owners can be held liable for injuries sustained on their property if it is at their fault. Property owners are legally responsible for maintaining a property that ensures the safety of their visitors. If a visitor suffers injury due to a hazard that the property owner should’ve known about or did know about and didn’t fix, the visitor can pursue legal action against the property owner.

This same notion rings true for public property as well. If there is a pothole in a sidewall that is unnoticeable or a hazard in the street, the city can be held responsible for the victim’s injuries.

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