Bus Carrying Troops Overturns Injuring Passengers

On Friday, August 23 2013, an accident occurred with a bus filled with US Army Reserve soldiers. The troops were returning from training. The crash occurred on Friday around 2 PM and left 29 people injured. The bus route was from Charlotte, Douglas International Airport to Salisbury.           

According to police officials, the bus slowed down for turning traffic and accidently slid to the right and ran off the road. Emergency crews reported that 29 people were injured in the accident. Of those injured, 14 were taken to nearby hospitals. According to one soldier, the vehicle had flipped three or four times. Amongst the soldiers hospitalized, one had to be airlifted to a nearby hospital. He remains to be in stable

The 13 passengers that were hospitalized were soon released. The other passengers were treated on the scene and released. Apparently, the bus driver is going to be charged with failure to maintain lane control. The bus is from Holiday Tours and the company is currently cooperating with investigators.

The Risks of Bus Accidents

Unfortunately, bus accidents occur quite commonly and leave many injured. A majority of bus accidents are caused by human error. Often times, the driver will make a mistake from bad judgment. Other times, a driver will cause an accident due to failing to pay attention to the road. Sometimes inexperience is the cause of the crash as the driver lacks years of experience to make good judgment calls while driving.

Other causes of bus accidents may include vehicle failure if the bus company fails to continuously check the brakes and tires. Bad weather can also be faulted for the cause of an accident. Regardless of the cause, many bus accidents leave people injured.

Speak to a Personal Injury Accident Attorney

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