Highway Truck Crash Kills Mom and Her Two Sons

In Lawrence, New Jersey, a truck accident killed one mom and her two sons. The accident occurred as the truck driver made an illegal U-turn on the highway before colliding into an SUV carrying a family from Pennsylvania. The truck driver was charged Saturday, August 3rd, 2013 for the death of the woman and her two young sons.

At the time, the SUV was carrying five people. The accident took place around 6:30 PM on Friday, August 2nd on Route 1 in Mercer County. Of the deceased were a 24 year-old female, her 9 year-old son, and her infant son. The father of the infant and the woman’s 8 year-old daughter were hospitalized and listed as in stable condition as of Saturday.

Emergency officials responding to the scene found the SUV stuck under the tractor-trailer. The crew had to make sure the truck’s bed was stable before removing the injured passengers. The mission of freeing the passengers took several hours. The truck driver is a 45 year-old male from Brooklyn. He currently faces multiple charges including death by automobile.

The Dangers of Trucking Accidents

Trucking accidents are extremely dangerous as they lead to some of the most severe injuries. In collisions involving trucks, the vehicle can get smashed under the truck causing severe head and neck injuries and even decapitation.

In addition, trucks are much larger so impact with a truck is much more forceful and dangerous. When a car rear ends another vehicle, the injuries are usually minor or moderate. However, being rear-ended by a semi-truck can lead to severe accidents as the force is much greater. Injuries that may be sustained during a truck accident include:
  • ·         Spinal cord injury
  • ·         Head trauma
  • ·         Broken bones and fractures
  • ·         Whiplash
  • ·         Cuts and bruises

Speak to a Personal injury Attorney

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