Fungal Meningitis Victims File Suit

Victims of the fungal meningitis outbreak have begun to file suit.  At least 43 cases have been filed across the United States on behalf of the victims of the fungal meningitis outbreak alleging the New England Compounding Center and its sister company Ameridose were negligent in their operations, causing victims' injuries. 

As cases begin, attorneys are arguing to freeze nearly $500 million in assets belonging to both companies and their corporate executives.  One such asset is a beach home recently featured in Rhode Island Monthly magazine.

How the Victims of Fungal Meningitis Were Injured

In October, patients began to develop fungal meningitis after receiving steroid injections to ease pain in their back.  Of the nearly 14,000 estimated patients who received these injections, 34 people have died and 494 people have fallen ill with fungal meningitis. 

Patients experienced flu like symptoms initially, which if left untreated could progress to gangrene and even death.  These symptoms included:

  • fever
  • body aches and stiff neck
  • nausea and vomiting
  • sensitivity to light
  • altered mental awareness/ alertness
  • swelling of brain tissue
  • rapid breathing
  • changes and severe drops in blood pressure
  • hearing loss
  • swelling of the blood vessels in the brain
  • blood clots
  • heart attack, seizure, stroke
  • gangrene
  • death
This was a severe infection that patients discovered could even come back and continue to cause them pain and grief.  Physicians fought hard to treat fungal meningitis and in some patients, there was little they could do.  The CDC estimates the higher the dose a patient received, the higher his or her risk of developing fungal meningitis.

If You Developed Fungal Meningitis from Tainted Steroids

If you were injured by the NECC's tainted steroids, you could be entitled to compensation.  You should consult a skilled attorney who will advise you how to protect your legal rights.  Patients who developed fungal meningitis were at serious risk for death and many fought a difficult and costly medical battle against the disease.  Patients are encouraged to seek out the advice of a skilled product liability and personal injury attorney to obtain the relief they need.