NY State Audit Uncovers Dangerous Prescription Drug Practices

New York State Health Department's Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement has finished its annual audit, finding 325,000 errors and inconsistencies in a review of over 28.5 million prescriptions.  While this number seems pretty small in light of the millions upon millions of prescriptions they reviewed, what they uncovered were dangerous practices on the part of health care workers.

What Kind of Dangerous Prescription Drug Practices Were Uncovered

NY's auditors uncovered dangerous prescription drug practices on behalf of health care workers.  It is part of their job to do their best to prevent prescription drug fraud, and in some cases, this was not achieved.  Auditors observed the following:

  • invalid Drug Enforcement Agency number identifiers not matching the prescribing doctor
  • prescriptions filled after the patient had run out of refills
  • prescriptions filled multiple times over multiple locations
  • inconsistent prescription information

Failing to catch these inconsistencies and fraudulent practices by patients could have potentially hurt someone.  In some cases, patients could have  been unaware that they were out of prescriptions, or could have been unaware that a doctor was not practicing ethically.  The scenarios are endless.  The public health is at great risk when these inconsistencies are allowed to flourish.

If You Have Been Injured

Audits like these are intended to uncover unethical business practices, sloppy health care practices, and drug seeking behavior on the part of patients.  When patients are injured by someone else's unethical or negligent health care practices, patients can suffer lasting injuries.  If you have been injured in such a scenario, you might want to contact a skilled personal injury attorney to help you understand your legal rights.  You may be entitled to compensation for these injuries that could go a long way in helping you to pay your medical bills and get your life back together.  Call a skilled personal injury attorney today to find out how they can help you.