Hospital Mixes Up Child, Potentially Exposes Child to Illness

It seems like a nightmare scenario, something straight out of a soap opera or a made for television movie- switched at birth.  Unfortunately, mistakes happen at the hospital. According to today's news, a hospital in Minneapolis mistakenly placed one mother's child in another bassinette.  Although the mixup lasted a brief amount of time before discovering the switch, another mother breast fed that baby.

The mother is understandably upset and fears for her baby's health.  According to hospital staff, her child now needs a year of HIV and hepatitis testing to determine whether any diseases have been passed to her child.  Immediate tests were negative, but that doesn't mean things couldn't go terribly wrong for the newborn in 3 months.

The Hidden Dangers

Depending upon the health of the mother, various diseases and infections can be passed to the infant.  If another mother breast feeds your child, you don't know where that mother has been.  Nor are you privy to her health history.  As a precaution, the hospital was correct to suggest immediate and continuing testing.  The chances of passing something serious to an infant in breast milk is high.  This could include the following dangers:

  • HIV
  • Hepatitis
  • Herpes
  • Chicken Pox
  • Lyme Disease
  • Untreated Tuberculosis
When Hospitals Screw Up

Hospitals are supposed to offer a certain standard of care to families.  Confusion over which child belongs to whom could be very serious- exposing a family to a lifetime of potential sorrow.  Not only could this child be harmed or exposed to illness, but the family could have been deprived of their natural child.  This is very serious.  If you have experienced a traumatic loss or injury to your child because of a hospital oversight or screw up, you should consult an attorney to determine what your rights are.  You may be entitled to compensation.  Call today to obtain the help you need.