New Study Shows Increased Cardiac Death Risk for Smokers Even After they Quit

If you didn't have cause to quit smoking sooner, you might want to put that item on your New Year's Resolution list.  According to a new study published in Circulation: Arrhythmia & Electrophysiology,  the link between sudden cardiac death (SCD) and smoking is further explained.

Hold onto your seats and put down the cigarettes because you may be horrified to learn that as a long term smoker, you may not be able to decrease your risk for SCD significantly until 15 years AFTER you've quit smoking. And at the 20 year mark, your risk is apparently akin to a person who has never smoked.

How Much are Smokers at Risk

According to statistical data, smokers are at varying risks, dependent upon the duration of their smoking and how many cigarettes people consumed in a day.  

  • Smokers who consume between 1-14 cigarettes experience a 1.84 fold increase
  • Smokers consuming over 25 cigarettes per day experience a 3.3 fold increase in risk
  • Every 5 years of smoking increased risk by an estimated 5%
  • Smokers with histories of coronary disease had increased risk
  • Only after 15-20 years of not smoking does risk fall to that of a nonsmoker
What this Means for You

It's nearly 2013 and you know that smoking is damaging to your health.  You know that these chemicals can be deadly.  But this study is the first of its kind to provide conclusive evidence regarding instances of SCD after cessation of smoking. 

Because of the obvious health risks, law makers are currently considering new packaging on cigarettes that clearly alerts smokers, including children, to the potential for death.  Do you think law makers will be able to push that bill through to protect the children?

Nonsmokers are often the unintended victims of smoking.  If you have been injured by second hand smoke and have found your heath in serious decline due to egregious circumstances, you may want to discuss your legal options with an attorney.  There are still people who are forced to work in these hazardous conditions and who are falling severely ill because of their work environment.  Call a skilled personal injury attorney to discuss your case.