Millennials Most Stressed Generation, Could Be at Risk for Work Injuries

A new survey entitled "Stress in America," conducted by the American Psychological Association concludes that the Millennial Generation (18-33 yr olds) are more stressed than any other living generation.  According to the study, this generation is rising whereas older generations' stress is in decline.  In an era when the economy is bad, stress has been high for everyone, it seems.  But for the first time, it seems that to Millennials sheltered from harsh realities, they won't live up to high expectations set by their parents.  This realization drives their stress higher and has even been known to interfere with their job performance.

The Danger of Injury Due to Stress

When employees are stressed on the job, there is an increased concern for worker injury.  Stressed out workers could injure themselves in a number of ways because they fail to pay close attention, or are unable to decompress and focus.  This could produce the following injuries:

  • sever digits or limbs in a factory or construction environment
  • broken bones due to dropping items or an inattention to heavy objects
  • burns, scars
  • injuries to the back, neck, spine
  • paralysis, quadriplegia
  • heart attack, stroke
  • death
Depending upon the job function and the inherent risks, stress could contribute to a range of injuries from the mild to severe. Stress is a high risk factor for work injuries and remains a concern for employers.  If you are stressed at work, your job performance could be hindered.  

Destress to Reduce Risk for Injury

Happy and healthy workers experience less work injuries and enjoy better work environments.  To reduce your stress consider joining a gym, going for a walk, taking up a new hobby, or joining friends and family more often for fun outings.  While at work, to reduce flare ups of stress, try to breathe deeply and drink water as a remedy against feelings of overwhelming stress.  

If you have been injured on the job, talk to a work injury attorney to determine whether your stress could have exacerbated a hazard already present at work.  It is wise to consult an attorney before you determine your next moves.