Bouncy Houses Responsible for Large Numbers of Child Injuries

When it comes to celebrations in America, a bouncy house is a crowd favorite among children under the age of 17.  This popular play device offers children the ability to kick their shoes off and bounce up and down like a soft trampoline with their friends.  But increasingly, bouncy houses are being blamed for child injuries.  A recent study published in the Journal Pediatrics states children are injured in bouncy houses once every 46 minutes.  This figure is astounding and quite hard to believe, but given the popularity of this amusement device, these figures are growing.

Children's Risk of Injury 

If someone were to tell me that a bouncy house was responsible for huge spikes in children's injuries, I'd probably scoff at the idea.  But as the numbers present, this is a harsh reality.  Whether they're small or large injuries, bouncy houses send more children to the hospital every year than any other amusement, past time, or toy.  Children who are injured playing in a bouncy house often suffer the following injuries:

  • broken bones
  • fractures, sprains
  • neck injury
  • back injury
  • closed head injuries
  • concussions
Bouncy houses are designed to offer children a place to horse around and play. But often, this horseplay can get out of hand.  And often, parents are unaware of structural defects, or an improper inflation of the bouncy house.  Any of these factors could combine to cause injury in your child.

If your child has been injured as a result of playing in a bouncy house, you may be entitled to compensation.  You should discuss it with a skilled personal injury attorney.  It can be difficult to decide to pursue this action since it's often family, friends, and community members who may be at fault.  But if your child is hurt and the medical  bills are outlandish, you may need the financial help.  Call a skilled personal injury attorney today to discuss your unique case further.