Toxic Substances Could Injure Employees

Often, employees are unaware of the risks that they face just trying to earn a living.  In some cases, employees are faced with circumstances such as toxic substances that could be present in not only items they're working with, but in the environment itself.  When employees are exposed to these toxic substances on a regular basis, they could severely injure themselves, falling ill with serious illnesses or injuries.  

Some of the common toxic chemicals present in work environments include:

  • asbestos
  • benzene
  • chromium compounds
  • silica
  • radium

The Dangers of Toxic Substances

Toxic substances can be extremely dangerous to your health and can not only present immediately, but they can also sleep in your system for years before you show signs of injury or illness.  When employees are exposed to these toxic substances, they face a number of illnesses and injuries including:

  • asbestosis
  • lung problems
  • chemical burns
  • poisoning
  • mesothelioma
  • cancer
When an employee is injured by exposure to toxic chemicals, he or she is at great risk for serious and life altering injuries.  This could keep a person out of work for an extended period of time and it could even end their life.  

Because of the severity of these injuries, employees often bring about lawsuits against the manufacturer of the toxic substance as well as the manufacturer of safety equipment that may have failed to keep the employee safe from a work injury.  To determine your best chances of bringing about a lawsuit of this nature, you should contact a skilled work injury attorney today.