Workplace Safety Programs are the First Line of Defense Against Work Injuries

When it comes to earning a living, we are all entitled to go to work in a happy safe environment.  The problem is that some companies just don't take safety seriously.  Splashy news articles often grace the front page of newspapers when companies fail to take worker safety into account.  In instances of heavy machinery, this could lead to the death of an employee by often gruesome means.  Or it could mean lasting debilitating injuries which cause the worker not only physical pain, but also mental anguish and financial distress.

Avoid injury in the workplace

Safety records just don't become great overnight. There has to be a concerted effort between the employer and the employees to establish and maintain a healthy safety record.  This includes the establishment and communication of a rigorous workplace safety program. Absent such a program, employers run the risk of accidents which can be tragic.  If a company isn't taking your safety seriously, you should inquire whether or not they have a plan in place to minimize workplace injury.  Effective workplace safety plans include the following:

  • evacuation procedures in case of a natural disaster or in case of a large event at the company
  • procedures for safe handling of dangerous materials
  • procedures for the safe operation of machines and to prevent injury
  • material data sheets which explain the presence of any potentially harmful chemicals
  • procedures for the safe performance of job duties 
  • procedures in place for medical attention 
  • and more...
To minimize workplace injuries, a strong workplace safety program should be considered the first line of defense.  This should be considered the bare minimum a company should do to ensure their workers' safety on site.  

If you have been injured on the job, you do have rights. First, report the injury to your superior and to your human resources' department. Secondly, you should retain a skilled work injury attorney to ensure your rights are being looked after.  In this case, you do not want to take the chance that your company does the right thing. In some cases, they don't, or won't because of a lack of knowledge, inattention, or concern that this will reflect badly upon their company. Don't allow yourself to be dissuaded from obtaining the help you need.