Numerous Oklahoma Dentist's Patients Test Positive for Hepatitis

In Oklahoma, numerous patients have tested positive for hepatitis C after visiting an oral surgeon’s office in Tulsa. According to Oklahoma State Department of Health and the Tulsa Health Department, 57 patients tested positive for hepatitis C, three patients tested positive for hepatitis B and one person tested positive for HIV. Many of these patients came in to have a wisdom tooth removed or have their jaw realigned.

None of them would have expected to contract a dangerous virus. The investigation is extremely complex as officials are not completely sure if the virus was contracted at the dentist’s office or elsewhere. Health investigators screened more than 3,200 patients who visited the dental office after finding sterilization violations there.

After one patient came down with hepatitis C the dentistry board launched an investigation of the oral surgeon’s dentistry. The board found that unlicensed employees were improperly handling needles and IVs on patients. In addition, the board found that expired drugs were being used and basic precautions regarding blood-borne pathogens were not followed.

Another round of testing for previous patients will take place. The dentist voluntarily surrendered his dental license, but will appear at a revocation hearing.

Medical and Dental Accidents

Unfortunately, dental malpractice accidents occur commonly and can have permanently disabling effects. Unfortunately, the patients described above will always carry hepatitis and HIV after being exposed. In certain cases, dental malpractice can have painful results and affect a person’s appearance.  
If you’ve been severely injured after dental malpractice, you should seek legal advice and protect your rights. A doctor should be careful and precise in his or her care for patients. If you suffered due to the negligence of a doctor, you should seek compensation for damages and injuries

Personal Injury Attorney

If you were recently injured by the hands of dentist, contact a personal injury attorney immediately. With legal assistance, you may be able to earn monetary compensation for your pain and injuries. Do not be taken advantage of. If your injuries caused much pain or financial suffering you should consider filing a personal injury claim today.