Driver Fatigue Causes Crash that Kills Infant and Two Adults

The crash occurred between a van and a dump truck that took the lives of two adults and one infant. The cause of the trash was driver’s fatigue as the driver of the van fell asleep at the wheel and struck the dump truck. The van was carrying ten people. Of the deceased was a 27 year-old male driver, a 30 year-old female, and a one month-old baby.

Six children in the van were taken to the hospital; four remain to be in critical condition while two are in stable conditions. A 25 year-old female that was in the crash, and mother of the deceased infant, is undergoing surgery. Officials believe that not all the passengers were wearing seat belts as there were more children than there were car seat devices.

Dangers of Driver’s Fatigue

The story described above had many dangerous elements; the first being: driver’s fatigue. Driver’s fatigue is a common cause of car accidents today. Many people suffer from driver’s fatigue when they have lack of sleep, extended work hours, or strenuous work. When drivers are sleepy, they tend to lose focus on the road. Even just the slightest disruption on the road can lead to a fatal accident, like the one described above. In addition, when drivers are sleepy they have slower response times and are less likely to prevent an accident.

Proper Child Seating

Another dangerous factor that exists in the incident described is lack of proper child seating. There were six children and one infant and not all of them were properly seated. As a result, when the accident occurred all were injured and had to receive medical treatment. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

  •          Children ages 4 to 7 were less likely to suffer risk by 59% by using a booster seat.
  •          Child safety seats reduce the risk of fatality in car crashes by 71% for infants and 54% for toddlers ages one to four.

Remember to always place your children in proper seating to prevent the risk of injury when a car accident takes place.

Personal Injury Accident Attorney

Unfortunately, tragic car accidents take place everyday due to a drowsy driver. It is best to practice safe seating when in a vehicle by wearing seat belts and providing booster seats for your children. If you were already involved in a car accident due to a drowsy driver, you should speak to a personal injury attorney immediately. A personal injury attorney may be able to earn you monetary compensation for damages and injuries as a result of the accident. Contact us today.