Kellogg Company Recalls Special K Red Berries Cereal

The cereal company Kellogg recently issued a recall for 36,000 packages of its Special K Red Berries cereal. The company voluntary issued the recall as the cereal could possess tiny shards of glass fragments. The recall is for cereals with “use by” dates between November 30, 2013 and December 2, 2013 and is towards three different sized packages of the red berries cereal.

So far, no injuries have been reported, but this isn’t the first recall issued by the cereal company. In October 2012, the company recalled 2.8 million boxes of mini-wheats due to possible contamination of flexible metal mesh fragments. In 2009, the company recalled some of its Keebler crackers and cookies because of possible contamination of salmonella.

Defectively Manufactured Products

Around the world, numerous companies have produced defective products due to manufacturing errors. When this occurs and consumers are injured due to the product, the manufacturer can be held liable for wounds resulting from use of the item. Other examples of a manufacturing defect in a product include:
  •          A child’s crib where the wall falls off
  •          A tainted batch medicine containing a harmful substances
  •          A car with a defective gas pedal

In all of these examples, the product was manufactured poorly causing it to not work properly and potentially causing severe injury to the consumer. When injury occurs, the injured consumer can seek damages from the manufacturer. Often times, injuries can result in medical treatment and expenses or cause the injured to take time off from work to heal. When this happens, it is imperative to take legal action and seek compensation for losses suffered.

Bond and Taylor Law Offices

If you were recently injured by a defective product, you should speak to a dangerous products attorney immediately. At the Bond andTaylor Law offices, a dangerous products attorney will work to earn you monetary compensation for the injuries suffered after use of the product. Do not hesitate to take action for your injuries. A manufacturer has a legal responsibility to provide a product that is completely safe for consumers. Contact us today to discuss your best options and protect your legal rights.