Drunk Driver Strikes Pregnant Lady

On the night of April 26, 2013, a drunk driver struck a pregnant woman and fled the scene. The accident occurred when the 58 year old drunk driver from Albany, New York was heading westbound on 116th street. The drunk driver made a left turn onto 2nd avenue and struck a pregnant female pedestrian crossing the street. The lady was using a crosswalk.

The collision occurred around 9 PM. The pregnant lady was taken to a nearby medical center. It is unknown what her injuries were resulting from the accident. The driver was charged with driving under the influence, fleeing the scene, failure to use designated lane, refusal to take a breathalyzer test, and lack of exercising due care.

How Alcohol Affects the Brain’s Ability to Drive

Sadly, accidents like the one described above occur quite frequently. Often times, drivers believe themselves safe to drive while impaired by alcohol or drugs. However, they will consequently cause severe accidents injuring themselves and others. Alcohol is a depressant so it affects the brain’s many functions. Read the following ways alcohol impacts the brain to better understand why drinking and driving is truly dangerous:
  •          Alcohol slows the brain’s functions so that drivers are unable to respond or react quickly to situations. Thus, many drivers are unable to prevent accidents.
  •          Alcohol reduces the driver’s judgment. Drivers incorrectly judge how fast they are moving or the distance between themselves and other cars and people.
  •          Alcohol gives drivers a false sense of confidence so they believe they are much better at driving than they really are. In addition, alcohol may influence drivers to take greater risks as well.
  •          Alcohol can make drivers sleepy because it is a depressant. As a result, drunk drivers will fall asleep at the wheel and cause an accident.

Driving under the influence is extremely unsafe as it greatly impairs a driver’s ability to operate a vehicle in a safe manner.

Personal Injury Lawsuit

If you or someone you know were recently injured due to a drunk driver, you should speak to a personal injury attorney today. You do not have to suffer at the hands of a negligent driver. Contact a personal injury attorney in order to earn monetary compensation for any physical pain or financial losses caused by the accident.