Three Die in Fiery SUV Crash

On the afternoon of April 28, 2013, a car accident occurred between two vehicles killing three people. The accident occurred Sunday afternoon in Fort Worth Texas when a Honda Odyssey and Kia Soul collided into each other at an intersection. The traffic accident took place south of Eagle Mountain Lake on Highway 1999 around 2 PM.

Apparently, the Kia was traveling northbound on Jacksboro Highway when it collided with the Honda traveling westbound. Five people were seated in the Kia. Unfortunately, only two of them survived – the driver and front seat passenger. The three people located in the back were unable to get out. Those that perished in the fire were a 15 year-old boy, a woman in her 30’s, and an elderly man. Witnesses endeavored to get the three out, but were unable to save them.

The two people in the Honda were not seriously injured. Officials are unsure what the cause of the accident was, whether one of the vehicles ran a red light. Officials must also investigate further to determine what caused one of the vehicles to catch on fire. The family in the Kia was headed to church before the accident.

Determining Liability in a Car Accident

In certain instances, determining what caused an accident can be extremely difficult. In the story told above, it is unclear which vehicle ran the red light. There may not be enough witnesses to determine who is at fault, or witness accounts may tell different stories.

Unfortunately, determining liability can be challenging, but is extremely necessary in order to resolve and repair the situation. Those who are injured may require compensation for medical treatment, expenses, damages, and lost wages. The person at fault should be held liable for damages and compensate those involved.

Personal Injury Attorney

When car accidents are complicated, it is imperative to hire a personal injury attorney immediately. A personal injury attorney will work to determine and prove liability. Insurance companies may take advantage of you and blame the accident on you, holding you accountable for the costs and expenses. Do not allow this to happen. Contact a personal injury attorney today to help resolve the situation and earn you the compensation you deserve.