Factory Collapses Killing Over 300 Workers

In Savar Bangladesh, a factory collapsed on April 26, 2013 killing hundreds of innocent workers. The garment factory was eight stories tall, housing five garment companies and employing around 2,500 employees. The death toll resulting from its collapse has reached over 300.

On Friday, rescuers realized that more survivors were trapped underneath the rubble. A new rescue mission is taking place as officials are endeavoring to release the trapped victims. Many are hurt and unable to move, but are in urgent need of medical treatment. So far, 2,348 people have been rescued. Several have been hospitalized and remain in critical condition.

Cracks in the Building Alarmed Workers

A day before the collapse, cracks appeared in the structure of the building. Many Bangladesh citizens are enraged over the industry’s lax safety standards. Despite some of the workers’ concerns over the cracks in the building, many were told to still report to work.

The Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Associations said it would pay the salaries and dues of workers who were impacted by the collapse by the first week of May. The cause of the collapse is still being investigated by authorities. The number of people trapped inside the rubble is unknown. However, it is reported that 595 people are still missing.

Worker Rights, Safety Violations, and Resulting Injuries

Sadly, various incidences similar to the story told above occur frequently around the globe. Employers and building owners fail to maintain workplaces in a safe manner that protects employees. As a result, numerous employees are suffering from preventable injuries.

Employers are legally responsible for maintaining a safe environment at the workplace or they can be held liable and punished by fines and violations. Unfortunately, many employees suffer debilitating injuries due to the irresponsibility of the employer.

Workers’ Compensation Attorney

If you were recently injured while on the job, you should speak to a workers’ compensation attorney to discuss your injury and rights. A workers’ compensation attorney will work to earn you the rightful compensation you deserve. Often times, workers will be taken advantage of and not be given the monetary amount they deserve. Contact us today in order to protect your legal rights.