Bus Collides with Train Injuring 10

On the morning of April 26, 2013, a freight train struck a transit bus injuring ten passengers and the driver. The bus was carrying senior citizens and people with developmental disabilities ranging in age from mid 20’s to 92. The accident occurred when the bus entered the crossing and stopped on the tracks. The engineer of the train rung his horn and tried to halt the train, but could not. The bus came to a halt about 20 feet after, but did not overturn.

The accident occurred a little after 8 AM in Evans City, Pittsburgh. Officers are still investigating whether the morning fog was a factor in the crash. The passengers on the bus were around 20 years of age to 92 years-old. Three men and one woman were taken to the hospital to be treated for their wounds.

According to a paramedic supervisor, one victim suffered a serious head injury. Before the crash occurred, the victims were being taken to a nonprofit program that encourages growth and independence for people with special needs.

Bus Accidents Caused by Human Error and Weather Conditions

As of recent times, bus accidents have been occurring quite commonly and leaving devastating effects. Recently, a Texas bus crash left many elderly people injured while a tour bus crash in Oregon took several lives. In many of these cases, weather conditions played a contributing factor.

However, even despite the weather, bus drivers are legally responsible to drive in a manner that is safe for current road conditions. Even if the bus driver is traveling at a speed lower than the legal limit, it may still be too fast for weather conditions. Driving on slick roads or through fog requires bus drivers to be extra cautious as to protect all passengers. If a bus driver fails to do so, the bus driver or bus company can be held liable for injuries suffered by passengers.

Personal Injury Lawsuit

Unfortunately, many victims who are injured in a bus accident must deal with medical treatment and expenses. In some instances, their injuries may even result in lost wages. If you were recently involved in a bus accident that caused significant injury, you should seek legal counsel from an experienced personal injury attorney.

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