Family Sues Toyota for Mother’s Death

A 59 year-old woman died while driving her Toyota Camry – one of the many vehicles were recalled for uncontrolled acceleration. Her family believes that the manufacturer is responsible for her death and is filing a lawsuit against the company.

Before the woman crashed her vehicle into the Sacramento River, she called her daughter and told her she could not stop the vehicle. The phone call took place shortly before the woman crashed and died. Unfortunately, by the time responders arrived at the scene the female was submerged under water in the back seat of her Camry.

According to the family’s attorney, their investigation illustrates that no brakes were applied at the time, which is consistent with brake failure.

Vehicle Recalls and Sustaining Injuries

While deaths caused by vehicle malfunctions may be rare, vehicle malfunctions do exist and may cause severe injury. While most vehicles are safe, manufacturers commonly make mistakes. Recently, several extremely popular vehicle manufacturers issued recalls due to defective airbags. Toyota has issued recalls previously because of their unintended acceleration and faulty power window switch which was seen as a fire hazard.

Unintended acceleration can cause severe danger. In one instance, a man was traveling at 80 MPH and could not stop his vehicle. He had to seek emergency help. Depending on the situation, the injuries can be serious – like in the event where the 59 year-old woman crashed into the river.
As a result, Toyota announced a $1.1 billion settlement to resolve lawsuits alleging the unintended acceleration.

Personal Injury Lawsuit

Manufacturers have a lawful duty and responsibility to provide products that are safe for public. Legally, all manufacturers can be held liable for products that should have been safe, but caused injury to consumers.
If you were recently injured in an accident caused by a vehicle malfunction, you should speak to a defective product attorney immediately. A defective product attorney will work to earn you monetary compensation for your physical pain and financial injuries. Do not be taken advantage of by a large corporation. If you have been injured, take legalrecourse and contact us today.