Motorcyclist Killed in Hit-And-Run Accident

On Tuesday, May 7, 2013, a motorcyclist was struck and killed in Arcadia, California. The driver who struck the motorcyclist immediately fled the scene. Police officials are searching for clues regarding the driver at fault. The accident occurred on the West Foothill Boulevard around 7 PM.

When medical officials arrived at the scene, the motorcyclist was severely injured. He was taken to a nearby hospital where he died of his injuries. The motorcycle rider was a 32 year-old father and husband from Los Angeles, California.

The vehicle is believed to be a 2006 or 2006 blue Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution with a rear spoiler. The vehicle is expected to have damage on the passenger side and may be lacking a side-view mirror. The cause of the accident is unknown, but somewhere along the boulevard the motorcycle rider and vehicle collided. The motorcyclist then hit a brick wall and came to a stop under a tree.

The street is notorious for drag racing as there are no lights for at least a mile and a half. Officials are unsure if the vehicle was racing. Anyone who has any information regarding the accident is encouraged to call the Arcadia Police Department.

How to Prevent Hit-and-Run Accidents

Hit-and-run accidents occur commonly and result in devastating injuries, if not fatal. After an accident, you should always remain at the scene and identify yourself. Stay at the scene until you receive confirmation from state highway patrol that it is okay to leave. Not doing so can lead to charges of a hit-and-run.

Committing a hit-and-run accident is punishable by fees, penalties, and even imprisonment depending on the situation. Often times, people will commit hit-and-runs so as to escape the legal consequences of the accident, but will face even worse penalties after being found by police officials.

Personal Injury Lawsuit

If you or someone you know was recently injured after a hit-and-run accident you should contact a personal injury attorney immediately. A personal injury attorney will work to earn you monetary compensation for your pain and suffering from a hit-and-run driver. Contact us today to receive the treatment you deserve.