County Employee's Work Injury Ignored as He Suffers

Ocean County, California officials are feeling the pressure today.  Recently, a compost operator, David Jones, fell and injured his back and his hand on the job.  He has since been in such debilitating pain that he spends frequent nights in the emergency room.  Doctor after doctor has examined Mr. Jones and determined his hand is unusable.  He has been declared so severely injured that he cannot return to work.  With no income, Mr. Jones is about to lose his house.  To date, he has not received the benefits he's applied for.  Nor has he been able to pay the rent.  

In response to his work injuries and pleas for benefits, Ocean County has fired Mr. Jones.  He is so severely injured that his hand remains curled and unusable, he walks with a cane (when he is able to walk) due to numbness and difficulty walking.  To the County, they determined his work injuries and subsequent required medical care was an abandonment of his job. 

Know Your Work Injury Rights

In the State of California, employers are required to carry Worker's Compensation benefits.  When you sustain a work injury, you are legally allowed to file a claim for compensation.  However, herein lies the problem.  Because of a history of abuses in the system, even severely injured patients are sometimes given the runaround when it comes to obtaining benefits. For this reason, injured people like Mr. Jones are generally advised to contact a skilled work injury lawyer

When people are injured on the job, the medical bills can pile up.  Even with health insurance, the thousands of dollars in medical bills can be severely outside of a person's financial means.  This can easily drain bank accounts, place families at risk for foreclosure of their home, and cause suffering for a family who is now without their primary breadwinner. 

When you've been hurt on the job, you are entitled to file a Workers' Compensation claim.  Although often, consumers who represent themselves do not do as well, the system was set in place to help people with work injuries.  By hiring a skilled work injury lawyer, you increase the odds that you will be compensated fairly for your injuries.

What Injuries are Compensated

Typically, workers' compensation pays larger sums for more severe work injuries.  However, depending upon the nature of your injury and the circumstances surrounding your work injury, you could be entitled to quite large sums.  You should discuss your unique case with your work injury lawyer.

Often, workers who are injured at work suffer the following:

  • broken bones
  • concussions, head injuries
  • back and neck injuries
  • spine and disc injuries
  • crippling of appendages
  • amputations due to loss of limbs
  • vision loss, hearing loss
  • stroke, heart attack
  • death
If you have suffered a work injury, you should both seek medical help and call a skilled work injury lawyer today.  Protect your rights and avoid the trauma that Mr. Jones has been forced to endure.