Demi Lovato's Slip and Fall Injury Warning to Others

If you're looking for some good advice on avoiding a slip and fall injury, perhaps you should listen to Demi Lovato.  After taking a nasty tumble at her home, Demi Lovato tweeted that you should never let your roomate clean hardwood floors with Pledge.  Piecing together the clues of that tweet and her subsequent Instagram photo of her cast and crutches, it seems Demi Lovato suffered injury due to a slip and fall.

Often, slip and fall accidents aren't given the attention that they deserve.  While to some, a slip and fall could be funny or cause to be made fun of, it can wreak havoc on a person's body.  Slip and fall injuries could be quite devastating to people and remain a concern, particularly for the elderly.

Slip and Fall Injuries Could Be Severe

Often, we don't think about the dangers of a slip and fall injury until after something has happened to call our attention to its severity.  In Demi Lovato's case, her slip and fall injury left her in a cast with crutches.  But to a more fragile person, a slip and fall injury could be the beginning of serious health issues which end in death. Consider the following injuries that could happen as the result of a slip and fall:

  • broken bones
  • internal organ damage
  • damage to your skin
  • blood clots, stroke
  • death
Depending upon the unique circumstances of your slip and fall accident, your injury could be severe.  Imagine the wild scenarios often published in the news and on television which seem implausible but lead to severe injury.  

If you have suffered a slip and fall injury, you could be suffering, particularly as your medical bills begin to accumulate.  You are encouraged to call an experienced personal injury attorney to gain the help you need.