Hit and Run Accident in Anaheim CA Injures Pedestrian

Accidents are an unavoidable reality of life.  However, hit and run accidents always seem to shock the conscience of the community.  Yesterday, an Anaheim woman was struck by a red van on Harbor Blvd. and La Palma Ave. in Anaheim, suffering severe injuries.  The driver fled the scene while the woman was taken to the emergency room. 

Pedestrian accidents can be extremely dangerous. But when a driver flees the scene after striking a pedestrian, this can be especially shocking and damaging.  The police are encouraging any potential bystanders to come forward with information.  

Pedestrian Accidents Cause Great Injury

The reality of life is that we are at risk for injury at every moment, whether we are sitting at home or out and about in the world.  As pedestrians, we are especially vulnerable to injury. Whether by car, truck, motorcycle or bike, pedestrians are particularly vulnerable to critical injuries which can change their entire lives in the blink of an eye. As a pedestrian, when you are struck by a vehicle of some sort, you could experience the following injuries:

  • broken bones, fractures, bruises
  • burns on your skin
  • interior organ damage
  • heart problems
  • trapped, crushed beneath a vehicle
  • fatal bleed out
  • traumatic brain injury
  • paralysis
  • paraplegia, quadriplegia
  • shock which could lead to a heart attack
  • death
We are vulnerable to injury in the face of what could be hundreds of pounds to a ton or more of steel.  As pedestrians, we don't stand a chance. If a driver loses control or is reckless or careless, pedestrians can suffer crippling and potentially life ending injuries.

If You've Been Injured

If you have been injured in a hit and run accident, you should seek immediate medical attention.  Try to gain the attention of passerby to help you get out of the way of additional vehicles which may hit you.  If you are lucid, ask a bystander to call the police and offer a statement.  Let the paramedics check you out and take you to the hospital to help you.  When you've been treated by a doctor, you may want to explore your legal rights and call an experienced personal injury lawyer.  By calling a personal injury lawyer, you will be able to preserve your rights. You may be entitled to compensation which could help you with your medical bills and help you to heal from your injuries.  Don't suffer in silence.